Teaching Methods

One of my favorite teaching method books is a series by Nancy and Randall Faber called

Piano Adventures



There are songs that appeal to many different musical tastes, and there are different levels that are appropriate for very young beginners through to adult beginners.

5 - 6 Year Old Beginners

5 – 6 Year Old Beginners

7 - 10 Year Old Beginners

7 – 10 Year Old Beginners

11 and up beginners

11 and up beginners

Adult beginners

Adult beginners


I supplement these methods, and use different methods depending on the needs of the student and family.  Sometimes a younger sibling needs to feel ownership and it helps to have their own book and their own special songs.  In this and other instances, I am happy to use resources from such wonderful publishers as:

Frederick Harris, Alfred Music, FJH Music

I love to share many styles of music with my students.  By background as a classical organist and my studies in piano pedagogy give us an opportunity to work toward Royal Conservatory of Music exams.  This, combined with my work with other musicians, including 50’s rock band One Young’n, give us a chance to work on music that is fun in a different way!  My students are always encouraged to find their musical voice, whether through classical repertoire, composing, improvising, or learning songs from the radio!


Feel free to explore more detailed information on my teaching methods on these pages:

Frederick HarrisPreschool & Kindergarten Age

Elementary School Age

Adult (Beginners, Reviewers, Just for Fun and More Serious!)

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